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The venue

The venue - Pühajärve Recreation and Conference Hotel!
03.-10. July 2004

You will be invited to Estonia for the most beautiful time of the year - near to the midsummer, when nights are the shortest and days the warmest.
The home for GIC 2004 is a beautiful, beloved resort village Pühajärve
, in Southern Estonia. 


The hotel is located in a 14th century manor by the wonderful Lake Pühajärv, which means "Holy Lake".
According to a legend, Lake Pühajärv that fell down from the sky got its name from the holy oak wood on the northern shore of the lake. For centuries the lake has been considered a holy place.

Four nature protection objects are located on the territory of Pühajärve Hotel: Lake Pühajärv, War Oak, oak wood and Pühajärve manor park.
You will be surrounded by the most beautiful nature and a lot of privacy, far away from the city noise.


New wing of the hotel in addition to the old manor house has been accomplished just recently in order to house more visitors. There are plenty of possibilities to have a good time in the new pool and health care service area, which comprises 25 m pool, saunas, whirlpool baths, bowling hall, massage rooms, spacious fitness hall and comfortable bar.


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