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International Breathwork Foundation

The International Breathwork Foundation is a global network sharing current information about Breathwork and it's different:

  •  theories       
  •  techniques 
  •  practices 
  •  schools and trainings 

All are welcome to join the IBF global network.

The practice of breathwork in all its richness and diversity of forms is constantly growing and evolving. Communicating and sharing these changes is an important part of the process. It was with this understanding that the first Global Inspiration Conference was organized in Sweden in 1994. Since then it has become an annual meeting, continuing to link up breathworkers globally. The 11th Annual General Meeting of IBF and the Global Inspiration Conference will be held in Northern Europe, Estonia in 2004.

Who is the IBF for?

The International Breathwork Foundation is open to all people interested in activities involving breathing and well-being, health and healing, and the use of conscious breathing in the pursuit of spiritual growth, purification and simple joie de vivre.

Whatever your interest, from the spiritual to the scientific, breathing concerns you and is a vital key to your own inspiration and happiness.

In the spirit of co-operation and cross-pollination, many minds are always better than one. This synergy has been carried over into IBF's ongoing activities.

The International Breathwork Foundation is now a large, active network with groups of members in over twenty countries throughout the world.

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