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Excursions before/after the GIC

We'll offer you possibilities to see more of Estonia before, during and after the conference. During the conference there will be organized short trips to the close surroundings, before and after the conference you're welcome to attend to the longer organized sight seeing tours.

Information about excursions is right here:

July 02:
If you arrive to Tallinn already on July 2, you can attend to the sight-seeing tour in Estonia’s capital Tallinn. After that you can either take a shuttle bus to the venue or stay in Tallinn overnight. If you stay in Tallinn, we recommend to visit the Estonian Nationwide XVII Dance Celebration Festival, which has its first concert on July 02 in Tallinn (look more

July 03:
Option one: If you have arrived to the venue already on July 02, we’ll offer you a possibility to take a tour in the surroundings of South-Estonia. The trip starts at 10.00 a.m and takes about 3-4 hours, so you’ll be back around 13.00 - sufficient time before the opening Ceremony.  The price for the trip is 13 euros*.
Option two: if you arrive to Tallinn in the morning, you can take a sigh-seeing tour there and leave to the venue by the last shuttle bus.

Sight-seeing tour in Tallinn - introduction and further info:

During the conference, for those participants who won’t take part in the forenoon activities there will be at least 2 bus trips organized into the surroundings of South-Estonia - both to the towns and county-side (on July 6 and July 9). The timing is from 10.00 to 13.00, price is 13 euros*.

July 11:
If you decide to stay in the venue one more night after the conference, you can attend to the sight-seeing tour, which takes you from the South-Estonia to the North-Estonia. You will reach Tallinn by the evening, where you can stay overnight. Look more about this trip by clicking the link below!

NB! All those trips can be organized if we'll get sufficient advance notice about your interest to participate!

* the prices for sightseeing include bus and guide services. The price is valid if minimum 10 participants.


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