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The Roots of the Future

At this extraordinary time when the world is undergoing great changes which are affecting politics, the natural environment and human consciousness alike, we ask you to consider that the roots of the future are in the present moment. Old identities are dying, borders are opening, nations are becoming united, races are mingling, information is moving at sonic speedů Can uncertainty or lack of knowledge be an acceptable excuse anymore to justify short-sighted decisions which influence the world? Maybe it is time to admit that the world is not made for us, but that we are simply just a part of it. Maybe it is time to realize that it is not the end of the world if we destroy the Earth. It is only the end of our participation on itů Right now we all can choose how the world we want to belong to looks like!

Much of modern society is business-oriented. It is extremly important what the values, principles and ethics of commercial enterprises are; moreover, who are these leaders we believe in and follow?

The question arises: what might one single person do in order to improve the quality of our breath and our life, for the well-being of ourselves and our planet, now and hereafter? Can we as breathworkers make a difference?


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