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(updated: June 2004)

If you wish to present in the conference, please send the information about your presentation, workshop, discussion topic etc by e-mail!

The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program.

  • Bo Wahlström (Sweden) "Breathwork and the Art of a Good Meeting"
  • Dorisse Neale (USA) "Foundational Wellness into the 21st Century: Buteyko Breathing Techniques and Beyond"
  • Lars Mygind (Denmark) “The Beauty of Simplicity. Zen, BreathWork and Thought Field Therapy”
  • Oren Lyons (Iroquios) “Seventh Generations”
  • Lena Kristina Tuulse (Sweden) “Breathwork - a Way for You to Experience Love and Inspire the Best in People”
  • Binnie A. Dansby (UK) "Experiencing SOURCE: Breathing into the Heart of the Matter"
  • Andrei Zahharevich (Russia) "Energy-sensorial Breathwork: specifical instruments and super abilities" and "Working Out of Psychic Sphere by Breathwork"
  • Wilfred Ehrmann (Austria) "The Moment is the Root of Future - Breathing into the Power of the Now"
  • Dan Brule (USA) "New Possibilities in Breathwork"
  • David Parker (UK) "Codependency"
  • Robert Moore (UK)
  • Nemi Nath (Australia) "Groupwork Dynamics. Skills for Transformational Relating" 
  • Ewa Foley (Poland) "Concious Living - Concious Breathing" and "Holistic Pulsing"
  • Denise Burgess (Australia) "The Prosperity Conciousness"
  • Robin Lawley (Italy) "Now is All There Is. Using Breathwork to be Fully Present in the Now"
  • Natlia Shareiko (Russia) "Breathing and the Materiality Aspects"
  • Kaupo Saue (Estonia)
  • Jim Morningstar "Building Spiritual Community in Today's World: the Breathworker's Dream of Tomorrow"
  • Jessica Dibb and Jim Morningstar (USA) "The Breathwork Training Alliance"
  • Rani Spets (Sweden) "Ways to positively influence ones energy level from physical, mental, emotinal and spiritual points of view"
  • Urs Baumgartner (Switzerland) "Breathwork for Epileptic and Handicaped Children"
  • Peter Murray (USA) "Choosing Joy" and  "Transformation Breathing"
  • Deva Daricha (Australia) "Mother, Baby, Heart and Brain" and "The First Gaze"
  • Gunnel Minett (UK) "The Healing Potential of Breathwork (based on a model of the Triune Brain)" and "Breathwork Happening"
  • Bernd Schröder (Germany) "Why Rebirthers/Breathworkers are not Succesfull in the World?" and "Pregnancy, Birth and Relationships are the Oneness (in bussiness and allday life expierences)? and "I Surrender to People and Breath"
  • Olga Ilyina (Russia) "Methods of biosensory breathing techniques in psychotherapeutic consultation"
  • Frank Cardelle (Canada) "Global Soul: Awakening in Our Time"
  • Madya Ehrmann (Austria) "Creative thinking"
  • Tatjana Ginzburg (Russia) "DA-Breathing - path to integration"
  • Viktoria Sovetova (Russia) "Energy-sensory processes of treatment and rejuvenation through breathing psycho-techniques"
  • Yeremy Youst (USA) "The Pearls & Perils of Intimacy in Breathwork: How to Create a Culture of Loving Connection in a Therapeutic Setting"
  • Eirik Balavoine (Norway) "Dissolving the Waking Dream"
  • Faizah Jamal (Singapure) "Rooted To The Earth - a Journey to the Soul through the Hearts of the People of the Malaysian Rainforest"
  • Yury Ryzhov (Russia) "Transformational Music"
  • Steve Minett (UK) "The Nature of Conciousness"
  • Jim Morningstar (USA) "Breathwork Community Building Project: The tools needed for organizers and leaders"
  • Andrei Stiogantsev (Russia) "Breathing and Martial Arts"

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