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Global Inspiration Conference

Next Global Inspiration Conference will be held in Estonia 
03.-10. July 2004

The Global Inspiration Conference, the GIC, is held annually under the auspices of the International Breathwork Foundation and is hosted by a different country each year. The conference rotates from country to country, and now it returns to Europe after  having completed its first trip around the world. Since 1994 the conference has been held in Sweden, Poland, Italy (twice), Austria, France, Spain, USA, Venezuela and Australia.

This year the second decade opens for the IBF annual meetings in 2004 with the 11th Global Inspiration Conference in Northern Europe, Estonia.

The Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) is the official yearly gathering and meeting of the International Breathwork Foundation and lasts one full week. It offers an unique possibility to all people dedicated to Breathwork to come together and creatively participate in a global activity which promotes and honours the breath as a transformational tool.

Equal time is devoted to lectures, discussions, seminars and workshops. It is a wonderful occasion to exchange views, teach and learn and receive inspiration from like-minded colleagues.

The Global Inspiration Conference is a truly inspirational event. To reflect this, part of the daily conference program is fixed in advance while the rest is left open and is scheduled on a daily basis during the conference week. The open program includes all proposals put forward by participants at the conference for presentations, workshops, discussion topics and other activities related to the conference theme. All of these activities are offered in a spirit of peer-group exchange and inspiration. All the workshops and private sessions are offered free of charge, in order to emphasise the equality of giving and receiving.
All participants in this conference are potential presenters. 

This delicate balance between order and chaos creates the original flavour of the conference. Many return each year to this innovative meeting, celebrating the art of relationship and their shared interest in the power of breath.

The Global Inspiration Conference also serves as a working model for the organization of national Breathwork conferences. People with a common interest meeting together naturally become inspired to network and collaborate together.

During the conference, the International Breathwork Foundation holds its Annual General Meeting. IBF business discussions and voting take place throughout the week. All registered participants at the conference are welcome to participate in the IBF Annual General Meeting where all the decisions regarding the future direction of the IBF and its relationship to breathwork are made. By casting your vote here you can influence and shape the future of breathwork in the world.


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