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The 2003 GIC Conference (through the eye's of a first timer!)
Written By Pieter Gildenhuys

My only experience of a 'conference' had been the AAPR annual meet at Breathconnection. This was powerful for me personally as I learnt a lot and healed myself of more layers of unnecessary, unwanted rubbish. I was hearing of the other international conferences from Denise Burgess  and since Breath work has for the last 6 years been such a passion of mine I decided this was an opportunity too juicy to miss; Just think Piet: "All those amazing healers, huge hearts, ancient souls, crazy diamonds and assorted eccentrics meeting up in the beautiful surrounds of Mount Tambourine. Yum, yum, yum, got to go!!"

I had set two intentions for the GIC 2003: To absorb as much as possible and to make eye contact for as long as possible with as many people as possible given that I remain sensitive to circumstance of course! So, having said that of course my first 'port of call' in the eye socket scenario was the incomparable Matthew Champion! Well didn’t we connect and connect and connect! I'm sure others can relate to the love and intensity flowing forth from that young man's eyes! Matthew and I had some superb moments but more on that later..

The first few days were settling in day's I guess and as the conference started on the Friday it felt like by Monday things were opening up smoothly and people were chilling out well and truly.

My own process really clicked in I guess when I decided to go to GIC 2003 however as a real WOW I can't go past that Sunday night when Daricha did his circumcision talk. I believe most people there were so thoroughly engaged not only by the content but also his wonderful presentation and presence. The man was simply awesome. For me this was undoubtedly a highlight. I was riveted and going into a spontaneous rebirth with Maya Gubler (bless your beautiful heart) supporting me. My friend Martin Wilkes and his partner Dianna also helped as I went through a rebirth where I experienced many more aspects of birth I had not experienced before. I was altered, shifted and integrated yet again! Thank you guys! Thank God!!

The Monday brought on the actual circumcision workshop and I knew where I would be: Sitting in the front row wide-eyed and bushy tailed. Once again by the end of Daricha's preamble and the demo on one of the men I was cooked and ready to breathe!! This time I had the immense talents of Frank Cardelle, Danielle De Wilde, Judee Gee, Maya Gubler and Patricia Wylie. How fortunate was I! The occasion was so sensitively dealt with by all. The atmosphere so honouring and gentle that I was moved and humbled.. lying in my birthday suit and going through a process that was quite possibly a first in the world and certainly a very unique experience. Powerful stuff. I had spent three years raging like a bull in my first years of rebirthing and yet again the white rage was there. Disempowerment of course, came visiting again.

By the Tuesday I was so thoroughly tenderised and processed I had little to offer the stones of the sweat lodge but peace. Peace for my soul. A number of people I queried said their highlight was the sweat lodge and I know why. The sweat lodge folk who brought their talents and energy so gracefully to us were terrific. The women I spoke to loved the energy of the men of whom there were four (one woman).  I was very impressed with their presence, warmth, integrity and realness. Their commitment, heart and masculinity there was great.  Their honouring of the land and the forebears. Thanks again. 

I appreciated the morning attunements and the experience of the leaders taking us through guided meditations of interesting variety was calming centring and gorgeous. I was sometimes in awe of these people who I admire and love so much. All of you beautiful people who want to learn and grow, who are prepared and committed with such courage and fortitude to face your innermost fears and demons. Wow!! I was saying to people on return to Sydney that I had my mind blown twice a day every day minimum!  

My personal story was unfolding of course and I was getting clarity on the fact that I was busy doing an enormous amount of healing with women and all I could say was "Yum, Yum, Yum" Yet again!! I could sense a big change in me after two whopping big rebirths and the huge injection of LOVE from women. Thank you so much all of you women. You give so much...I adore and worship you. Because of you my spirit is strong. I had been tempered like steel by your presence through my mother and sisters. I honour you thoroughly. You are the sea on which my ship sails and at this conference you poured your never-ending love all over my battle scarred soul. This weary boy could finally make peace with women and get on with life as a man, learning a new way and loving it. I was truly stunned and sometimes found it difficult to contain all this LOVE!!

On Wednesday I wanted to work with Nemi as she had impressed me on every meeting with her honesty, love and courage. The total relating workshop she presented was pretty total all right!! Talk about 'in ya face!' I loved it! I love truth. I get goose bumps when truth hits me. "Well not always mate" I had emptied and cleared myself already to such an extent that I was hardly activated, so I spent time in a very beautiful newish space: constant support of others going through their process. Interesting that I was the only male who was truly taking part among a huge circle of women! Well done Nemi, you are such a powerful spirit and yet so gentle. When I hug you I melt. You are a REAL Woman. Thank you! Wednesday evening Jonine and Frank put on a joint effort with a short but enlightening workshop on shame. Jonine is a joy to behold! Jonine I love your energy and enthusiasm. You are strong and true.

On Thursday I had the privilege of working with Frank Cardelle again and did a men's workshop, which was very well presented. Thank you Frank, bringing again to my attention the simplicity of my heart and in how few words it speaks! You are amazing! I honour you.

Thursday night brought 'Variety night' and anyone who wanted to perform brought their talents to the fore. It was a hoot! Lynne Field was my favourite!! What a laugh you are!! You're a gem. The poetry of Margaret Munroe was touching. Wilfried Ehrmann and her partner sang and played guitar and you guys were a scream!! The audience was well warm now! They were a hard act to follow and I was on next. I sang All Shook Up in my best Elvis voice and My girl (woman) my own way. I wanted to dedicate my contribution to women. Nervously I bungled my true intention but it worked out fine and I really enjoyed my first love of song and performance. Matthew, Maya, Elisabeth, Karsten and myself were sitting around the fireplace one night singing songs and having fun. I started singing a few lines around the circumcision trauma: "That's the sound of the men, working with precision on circumcision!" Well, they cracked up and I knew we were on a winner! We collectively ended up writing this little ditty with Martin and Dianna adding a few X rated lines. Did we bring down the house? We ended the show in style and honoured the Shiva might! Matthew was our very impressive masculine archetype. Karsten added his considerable bass voice while Martin and I held the guitar playing together and sang. Elisabeth, Jaime- Lee, Maya and Dianna were the showgirls dancing and showing off their radiant beauty! What a night!  Amrita lead the closing with a ritual honouring between Shakti and Shiva. Thank you Amrita! The DJaying talent of Robert Moore was then unleashed on a mostly unsuspecting crowd who over the course of the week did not frequent the evening disco nearly enough. Roberts’s choice of music was brilliant and I loved it. I was there nearly every night of the week at least for a short while and it was pure joy!! Thank you Robert you lovely man.

Fond memories of nurturing, loving, massaging, healing, laughing and listening still keep me in the zone of GIC 2003: Silently sitting with Hoyan Li for about an hour, both of us just peering into one another’s eye's. Waking up and receiving 5 or 6 long languid loving hugs before getting anywhere near breakfast. Dancing close and sensually with the very attractive Danielle De Wilde or dancing challengingly with Julie Way. Spending time with the very interesting Ruby Johnson. Dancing over a supine and voluptuous Amrita Hobbs, making peace with Alakh, soothing Elisabeth van der Veer, witnessing the extraordinary healing ways of Evamaria Molina Figueres, the eye's of Judee Gee, the generosity of Jo Farrell and Jaan Jerabek, meeting Melony Browell. Massaging and experimenting with vocal vibrational sound down the spine of Noor Poppers and so on and on...............

For me, as a beginner in this healing business, this consciousness game, this wonderful love and life I can only say I was profoundly adjusted. Well many would say I need adjusting! Many of you had a direct hand in 'adjusting' me, healing my past. Showing me a new horizon. You added to my vision. You all helped me to realize what can be attained with my dream. My dream is to be love. To exude love from every God loving cell in my body because there is only love, as you all know. The vision is of a community of people all over the world supporting and holding immense energy from open hearts. This excites, intrigues and enthuses me.

There were many more moments to numerous to mention. Beautiful interactions with gorgeous people...Pieter is born with new confidence and how we need more people with more confidence.

So to all of those who had the privilege of being there and who now remember me. I ask for your support in my process of becoming a man. A man who can lead by example. I want to be supported in being real and true to my vision of living in love with God and you all. A life of inspiration to others and of upliftment without struggle. Living with ease and grace. I refuse to hold back on my love. My love is big and strong and with your support even more so. I connected with so many folk at the conference and yet many got away... So many little time...! I looked deep into your eyes and drank from your souls. Your ointment soothed and conquered my heart.

I allowed myself such a massive shot of love and was so open to you and your gorgeous being ness that I have been on a high since. My life has taken on such renewed clarity, heightened passion and love. I live in enormous gratitude. How fortunate is this little Afrikaner boy from a humble African town to be among such giants? Your healing presence has enriched me beyond comprehension. I remain in awe of it all and it's all God. What a big responsibility I then carry forth with a son of my own to show him love. Big love. Rich love. Deep love. True love!!

I am committed to Estonia in 2004. It will be funtastic!! Thank you again all the hard workers who made the whole conference happen so easily. Easily from my perspective! God bless you all 'till we meet again!

"I’ve got you, under my skin. I've got you, deep in the heart of me....."


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