Information to all GIC participants

We have collected here some important info what you should know before arrival to Estonia. Please read it carefully and let us know immidiately, if something is unclear or you need advice.

Our organized shuttle bus picks up GIC participants from Tallinn, where the boats, ferries, planes arrive. It is about 3 hours trip from Tallinn to the venue, Pühajärve.
Shuttle bus costs 20 euros/one way per person.

Time schedule for the shuttle busses is following:
July 2: at 12.00. and 18.00.
July 3: at 11.00. and 15.00.
July 10: at 11.00 and 15.00. (also in early morning for few people)
July 11:  in early morning for few people / price depends on number of people

The shuttle bus has 2 stops in Tallinn:
1) first stop in front of the Saku Rock hotel (address: Sadama 25a, in ferry terminal D, city center)
2) second stop in the airport, on the second floor, near to the arriving flights entrance, behind the taxi stop. It is not difficult to find, as the airport is small.
Please note:
From the hotel the shuttle leaves 15 minutes before full hour (for example 11.45, 14.45 etc), from the airport at the full hour (for example 12.00., 15.00)
Shuttele bus has the sign "GIC 2004 PÜHAJÄRVE"

If you need shuttle at the other time than mentioned above, please let as know asap (in case you haven’t done it already). Shuttle can be arranged, but the price will be individual.
Our people will be there in both shuttle stops. If any problems you can call to Mrs Inge Raie’s mobile: 3725057716

Most of your shuttles are booked and confirmed by now. If  you haven’t booked your shuttle yet, please do it immediately.


Some of you have booked hotel through Liina or Inge in Tallinn for the pre- or postconference accommodation. The name of the hotel is Saku Rock, its address is Sadama 25a, D-terminal, city center (
Please note:
If you come by your boat/ferry to the terminal D, then you don’t need a taxi to drive you to the hotel, as it situates right beside the terminal D.
Check which teminal your boat/ferry arrives (A, B, C or D)!

If you wish to be picked up from the airport or from the port, let us know.
We have agreement with a taxi company LINNATAKSO to wait you in the lobby of the port or airport with a sign “GIC 2004 Pühajärve”.
It costs 6 euros (90 EEK) to drive from the airport to the hotel (Saku Rock, address Sadama 25a) and  3 euros (50 EEK) from other ferry terminal to the hotel. The fee can be paid in cash in Estonian kroons, in euros or by credit card. Please try to have exact amount of money if paying in cash in euros.

You can take taxi yourself also, there are plenty of taxis available. But then it can’t be quaranteed
-   that you can pay by credit card
-   that the bill doesn’t exceed the sum mentioned above  (can be less as well)
-   you also need to pay in Estonian kroons ONLY
Otherwize this option is safe enough!

If you plan to hire a car in Estonia, please check info for example from following websites: ; ; ;
For a small car (Ford Focus, Citroen C3 etc) the rent for one day starts from 34 euros and from 200 euros for a week. The price contains traffic insurance, Super Casco insurance and VAT, but not the gas you use.

The local currency in Estonia is Estonian kroon. You can not use another currency in the shops, restaurants etc. Credit card payment is possible in most shops, although it is good to have some local money for the taxi, small shops, market etc.
There is no cash dispensing machine in the venue, the nearest is in 3 km distance.

It is rather impossible to estimate what the weather can be like. You can be prepared to have suitable clothing for the temperature range 17-30°C
Sun only sets for few hours during the night, it is dark from 23(24) until 2 a.m.

Layered clothing so you can peel off when it gets warm during the day and put on if it cools down in the evening. But it can be also very warm in the evenings – you never know.
Good shoes, if you’re planning to walk. Swimmers and beach towel, sunscreen, insect repellant.
There are saunas (steam and dry sauna) available for the use of all GIC participants, so you can think thereupon while packing your bag. 


As the theme of this conference is “The Roots of the Future”, we ask you to think what is YOUR WISH for the future. It can be a personal wish, it can be a global wish – whatever feels close to you. Think high! We’re going to keep those wishes in focus during the hole week, we are going to nurish and energize them all together. Put your wish into the words and be prepared to write this onto a wide ribbon what you’ll get from us on arrival to the venue. You can also prepare your ribbon at home and bring it with you to the GIC.

REMINDER: Those who are going to present at GIC please send your presenters forms as soon as possible to Liina Lugus:!

There is a nice health center in the hotel. You can check about the services and prices from their website:


Please register on arrival in the main reception area in the hotel Pühajärve Puhkekeskus. Please pay the balance of your fees at this time.
Please note:
It is not possible to pay your balance by credit card, only cash in euros or in Estonian kroons. If you’re coming from non-euro country, then we advice you not to change the sum into euros, but straight into Estonian kroons instead.
If you know your sum in euros you need to multiply it with 15,65 to get the amount in Estonian kroons. For example 300 euros is 4695 EEK.
It is much more convenient for us to have EEK’s instead of euros. If you want to pay in euros, please be so kind and have exact amount to simplify repayment!
There is currency exchange possibility also in the venue, but only for euros, US$, Swedish kroons and Latvian Lits. 

A timetable of events will posted daily on the notice board.
The opening ceremony commences at 7.30 pm on July 3. Closing ceremony finishes at 13.00 on July 10.
The early morning activities like yoga, Tai Chi or meditation begin at approximately 7.00 am or earlier.

07.00     Early Morning Program

07.00     Breakfast

09.00     Group attunement, logistics, workshop announcements

10.15     IBF business, working groups, reports, extras, etc. 

13.00     Lunch

15.00     Workshops: see notice board

18.00     Tea/coffee and snack break

18.45     Lecture of the day, see notice board

20.00     Dinner (except Saturday at 17.30 and Friday 19.30)

21.30     Evening program, dancing, concerts etc

minor changes in the time schedule possible!


During the conference there will be organized short trips to the close surroundings (on July 6 and 9), after the conference on 11th of July you're welcome to attend to the longer organized sight seeing tour. More info on GIC website.

Meals and snacks will be predominantly vegetarian with fish and white meat dishes. There is a bar and bub in the hotel if you want to buy snacks/drinks inbetween the meals.

There will be a Networking area for your brochures, books, namecards, copies of your articles, CD’s, products (relevant to your works only) etc
The atmosphere and spirit of GIC requires that workshops and/or sessions are offered as a service - they will not be charged for.  However products and items relevant to one’s work such as books etc may be sold. 
ONLY CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS can display their products.

The main notice board will display the conference program. There will be a message board for personal messages and for the descriptions of the presentations as well.


If you have proposals that need to be voted in by the assembly please submit them up to 2 weeks before the conference to the board of directors email: Tilke Plateel Deur

Besides the workshop program there is room to hold inspirational group discussions. If you have a topic of interest please prepare a short notice, send it to Liina Lugus  to prepare timeslots for these and to display on the notice board.

GIC has inspired several international creative projects, like an international peer group and the International Breathwork Alliance. If you have a new one that you would like to set in motion please prepare a flyer for the notice board and send to Liina Lugus